Building your website and making it just the way you’ve always pictured it can be a difficult task. If you are new to website building, it may take you some time to figure everything out and find a way to use the available tools in a creative way.

With that in mind, we would introduce you to our most favorite tools for building and managing websites. Hopefully, one, more, of all of these will be of use to you.

They can definitely make the process of creating and operating your website a lot smoother, so you might want to consider giving them a go.Quick Note: Do not forget to check the best plugins for your website.

Tools For Checking/Improving Performances


Ahrefs PROSAhrefs CONS
•Huge database of link

•Excellent tool for Keyword Research

•One of the best tools to find Google Features

•Competitive analysis
•Lacks keyword management

•The interface is not the best

The first on our list is Ahrefs — an excellent SEO tool that comes with a wide array of features, although it does seem like it did not worry too much about the user experience.

Ahrefs comes as a universal SEO tool that can do a little bit of pretty much everything. In terms of pricing, it is not that expensive, costing only $82 per month for its Lite plan, if you choose annual billing. In return, you receive a full-featured tool, created by professionals who understand what a user needs from their SEO tool.

Ahrefs offers one of the largest indexes of backlinks that you can find on the market, with over a dozen trillion backlinks, and more than 6 billion web pages crawled per day.

In addition to that, it offers ad-hoc keyword research, SEO position tracking and monitoring, competitive domain comparisons, content-specific research, and more.

As mentioned, Ahrefs is not perfect, and it does have a flaw or two worth mentioning. For example, it doesn’t have the keyword management, nor does it offer SEO reporting features that can be found elsewhere.

We have already mentioned that it has a bare-bones user interface, which can be confusing for new users who do not have experience with this kind of tool.

However, many would argue that it has what you need the most, which is ad-hoc keyword research. This is what business users will use the most when trying to find the best search engine results pages for creating an optimization strategy.

When you enter the keywords that you need to search, Ahrefs will allow you to narrow down the search by country, although that’s as deep as you can go, as narrowing down per city is not available. The results will be basic, but that also makes them pretty straightforward and easy to understand.

Right now, the tool is still not as good as it could be, but it is definitely making progress, and it could still get there.

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Majestic Review 1

Majestic PROSMajestic CONS
•Offers accurate backlink profile tracking

•Very user-friendlyIt

•Allows you to track specific websites

•It delivers great amounts of data per search
•Keyword research is a bit weak

•Generating reports is hard

Next up, we have Majestic — another SEO tool that is used for web-based link investigations. The thing we loved about this tool is that it provides results within seconds. Not only that, but it comes with all kinds of minor tools and functionalities.

Basically, you can use it to find the best websites with Site Explorer, and find out exactly who links to your website, what pages are the most popular, when they were linked to, and more. All of this Link Intelligence data can be yours, which can be extremely useful when it comes to learning more about your own website, and what the community likes about it.

That way, you can add more of the preferred content, grow your audience, gain more exposure, visitors, and eventually, popularity.

Majestic also offers Majestic Campaigns, which allows you to track your favorite sites, as well as to find links near you and your competitors with its Link Context. You can check every site’s top backlinks, and discover which pages are the most linked. You can also gain precise results and narrow down your search by filtering it by topic, language, quality, as well as numerous other industry-standard metrics.

Finally, you can estimate the position of the link on a page, and deduce if it is high on the page, or tucked away in the footer.

Majestic offers an industry-leading API that empowers agencies, consultancies, and specialists around the world. It provides you with an unparalleled amount of data per search, basically giving you every detail regarding the topic that you inquire about. It is very user-friendly, rich with features, and a pleasure to use, as confirmed by many of those who have used it already.

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SeMrush Review Main
•Excellent organic research of keywords, ads, and alike

•Great toolset for link analysis

•Keyword research provides you with tons of useful data

•Constantly innovating

•An abundance of helpful tools
•The UI might be hard to navigate sometimes

•The graphs could be more customizable

In the third spot, we have yet another SEO tool, known as SEMrush. This is a tool popular among millions of users, as it makes it extremely easy to find all the major keywords your site is ranking for. Better than that, you can use this tool to inspect what keywords any site ranks for, which is very convenient for keeping track of your own site, as well as those of your competitors.

With knowledge like that at your disposal, you can easily discover how to improve your site, especially since you can target specific countries, and see how you rank there, as well. This is very useful for those whose business is international, and they use several websites dedicated to different regions.

The ability to search your ranking per keyword based on geographical location is also used for bloggers, who may discover what topics attract different users in different areas, and focus more on those topics in areas where they wish to advance further.

Another very useful thing that SEMrush lets you do, apart from looking at how a web page ranks for a specific keyword, is finding all the keywords for which any web page on the internet is ranking. The tool is extremely transparent, user-friendly, and the results are instant and easy to understand.

All of the feedback that you receive is nicely laid out in a table, which shows all kinds of different metrics, including:

  • Keyword
  • Position
  • VOlume
  • CPC
  • URL
  • Competition of advertisers
  • Number of search engine results
  • Trend
  • Traffic percentage
  • SERP source
  • and more

While SEMrush has numerous smaller tools, itself, the most useful one for most users will be the Keyword Magic tool. It will quickly present you with metrics like the keyword difficulty, search volume, SERP features, Cost-per-clock data, and more.

Once you get the results, all you need to do is select the keywords that you wish to explore further and get even more details for them. Not only that, but you can also move them to the Keyword Analyzer tool, group them, and alike.

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•Very dynamic and powerfulIt

•Creates industry-standard metricsIt

•Offers handy suggestions on page optimization

•It offers keyword rank tracking

•You can use it to assess your competitors

•User experience is not as good as its competitors’

•Range and depth of features might be overwhelming for inexperienced users

Last but not least, we have Moz, also known as Moz Pro. This is a tool that has a long history, but the important part is that it is now fully dedicated to SEO, which makes it one of the must-have tools for anyone who wishes to improve their business’ performance on the web.

Moz currently offers a very advanced and useful keyword planning tool called the Keyword Explorer, which is the most important one for our list.

But, let’s start from the beginning by answering the question of why should you use Moz Pro in the first place?

As mentioned, Moz is now 100% SEO tool, which means that you should consider getting it if you wish to improve your rank on Google’s search engine. SEO tools are many in number, and it is all too easy to get the wrong one, which will be inadequate, and possibly misleading. This is why you need to get a tool created by professionals, for professionals, and Moz definitely fits the bill in that regard.

In terms of size, its crawls have reached hundreds of billions of URLs, so you won’t find it lacking in that regard.

It should be noted that Moz also has a free version, but we are focusing on the Premium one as it is not as limiting. For example, the free version provides you only 20 free queries of Keyword Explorer per month. The Pro version offers 5,000, and all you need to pay is $149 per month for its Medium plan.

Moz offers a lot more than that, and it will offer numerous additional metrics and functionalities, such as:

  • Rank tracking
  • Site Crawl
  • Link profile analysis
  • On-page optimization
  • Keyword research

You will discover many interesting and practical ways of implementing it, which is why we advise getting it as soon as possible, and using it to perfect your site’s ranking, and learning more about it.

Why Does Your Website Need SEO Tools?

As you know, most people would try to find the website they need via Google, or some other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. Google is definitely the biggest and the most commonly-used one, as it is the best.

However, your site is not the only one that will rank for certain keywords, related to your business.

There is an entire wave of competitors standing between you and the user, and the lower on Google’s search results page you get, the lesser the chance that you will see traffic.

Users and visitors to your site are your bosses here, and if they don’t think that your content is interesting or good enough, they will tell you by not coming. However, you cannot know how good your content is if no one is seeing it. And, you won’t have anyone see it without properly optimizing your keywords, and learning how to use SEO to your advantage.

SEO tools can help you out, as they can give you a deeper insight into how well your site is performing according to Google’s algorithm, or your competitors.

They can help you decide whether you should add more keywords, reduce their number, how you rank in specific locations, how you rank against competitors, and more. This is all very useful to know, as you can surely tell.

How Long Should you Use These Tools?

We know that paying extra for SEO tools is not something that you are looking forward to, especially if you are on a strict budget. However, you should still find a way to make it work.

If you decide to go without them, or use some free alternative, be prepared to see little to no results. SEO is difficult stuff, and you need a serious tool to tackle it.

Creating a good tool takes time, effort, and money, and it can provide you with a lot in return. Using a free SEO tool will only have you waste your time for weeks, or even months before you admit that avoiding to pay for a good one was a mistake.

In the meantime, you will publish a ton of content that will need changing and fixing because you did not know how to change it into an SEO-friendly material.

It would be a lot easier to simply skip those wasted months by opting to use one or more of these tools now and start doing things properly from the very beginning. As for how long should you use them — we recommend starting to get used to them being part of your monthly/yearly expenses.

While this probably is not what you wanted to hear, you should remember that the Google algorithm tends to change all the time. Your competitors will change according to the new trends, and you need to get the information and stay on top of things at any given moment.

This is why you must keep track of SEO all the time. Otherwise, as mentioned, you are just wasting time and energy. It would be a shame for you to rise to the top and then give up on the tools, only to stop evolving, and sink back to the depths, so keep them around. It will be worth it.


As you can see, there is no shortage of useful tools that can help you with the growth and optimization of your website. As you work on making it more to Google’s liking, you will rank higher and higher, while your traffic will start to increase.

If you play your cards right, there is no reason why your site shouldn’t be at the top of the search results someday. Simply having these tools will not be enough, of course, as your content quality needs to be at a certain level.

That requires skill, as well as helpful tools. However, with them it will be a lot faster and easier than without them, so why not give them a try?

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