Most website owners start off by getting shared hosting for only a few dollars per month, and that is fine for beginners. However, when they start seeing more traffic, they quickly realize that they have to move their site to a more capable solution like Google web hosting. Otherwise, their website’s popularity will overwhelm the server and that’s not good for anyone.

Medium or big WordPress site owners can choose several options, such as VPS or Cloud Virtual Machine (VM). While these are certainly capable, you will have your work cut out for you.

Unlike managed hostings, these are empty slates, and everything is up to you, which usually leads to a lot of struggling and frustration.

Why Choose Google Cloud Hosting?

You may be wondering why to choose Google Cloud Hosting, when there are so many options out there? The reason is simple. Google does things better than most of its competition, and it’s still not too expensive for you to consider its competitors.

Google offers a low-latency network and a Google Cloud Hosting Platform which already features numerous of its own products. This is where Gmail, YouTube, and other similar products are hosted.

The prices are even lower than what its competition requires, and its Cloud data centers are located in multiple different regions, so you can even pick which one to use.

All that remains is to choose a Google Cloud hosting, which is what we will talk about today. So, without further delays, let’s get right into that.

Best Google Cloud Hostings




  • A highly-scalable service
  • Free migration of one site included in every plan
  • Automatic backups every day
  • Manual backups at any time
  • Free CDN with 50GB bandwidth on the basic plan
  • Trusted and reputable Google Cloud Hosting provider
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Professional customer support 24/7


  • It lacks phone support
  • Additional extensions are expensive

The first on the list is Kinsta, and it ranks the highest among Google Cloud Hosting solutions for a reason. It doesn’t matter how many visitors your website has — whether you get thousands per day or only a hundred per month, Kinsta can handle the load with ease.

It uses a premium tier of Google Cloud hosting platform for hosting all of its customers. That way, the service secures all the necessary resources and the best servers that will make running your website easy and enjoyable. The service is also very scalable, which is great for websites and businesses that are quickly advancing, and might need to upgrade to a better plan over time.

The process of upgrading is very easy, as well, and you can do it all from your Dashboard. Also, don’t worry if you already have a website somewhere else — Kinsta will let you migrate it for free, no matter which plans you choose. Each of the plans comes with one free migration, so you should definitely consider using it.

TEMPL.IO Google Cloud Hosting


  • Good for regular WordPress sites or WooCommerce sites
  • Free migration service
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Experienced customer support that can be reached via live chat or email
  • A simple, user-friendly dashboard
  • A free trial that lasts for 10 days


  • While you can run a non-WooCommerce site, it is not the best option for such sites

Next up, we have, which is another highly-efficient Google Cloud Hosting platform. This is one of the best solutions for hosting WooCommerce websites, so if that is the kind of site that you aim to run, this is a solution for you.

It offers one of the best managed Google Cloud hostings out there, and while the platform specializes in online stores, you don’t need to have one in order to use it. A regular website will work on the platform just fine, as well.

As you would expect, all of the maintenance and security features are handled by the support team, which is available at all times via live chat and email. Once again, there is no phone support, but live chat is a good way to contact the support team if you need assistance.

The platform also allows you to make your own custom plan. This is great because then you get to choose the number of resources according to your needs. Naturally, you get a free SSL for every website you launch, as well as a free migration for sites that you already have elsewhere.

WP Engine



  • Professional customer support available around the clock
  • Free access to over 35 Studio Press Themes and Genesis Theme Framework
  • Includes CDN
  • Offers free SSL
  • Very fast
  • Very user-friendly


  • It might be a bit more expensive for those who are only starting out

In the third spot, we have WP Engine, which is a perfect Google Cloud Hosting solution that offers a fully-managed WordPress hosting. It is pretty much perfect for any type of website, whether you wish to run a store, a news site, or a personal blog. It is very scalable and easy to expand when there is a need, and you will find that it is very user-friendly, so using it will also not be an issue.

Any issue can be handled by professional customer support which you can reach in multiple ways, including support tickets, email, or phone.

The starting plan offers a 50GB monthly bandwidth, but also 10GB of SSD storage. This should be more than enough for the majority of websites out there, and if you find that it is too limited for your site, you can always upgrade to a plan with more resources.

Read WP Engine review…




  • Extremely fast and used by some of the world’s largest brands (HTC, Coca Cola, Philips, and more)
  • Specialized in WordPress
  • Made by developers for developers
  • Very flexible, and it doesn’t sacrifice the performance to achieve this
  • No limit on free migrations
  • Features numerous development tools


  • Doesn’t offer different types of hosting other than WordPress
  • Prices are complicated to understand for non-developers
  • Requires technical knowledge if you wish to use its full potential

Next up, we have Closte, which calls itself ‘a WordPress Cloud hosting like no other.’ This description is pretty accurate, all things considering.

You see, Closte goes a step further than the rest on this list when it comes to customization. It is a platform that tailored its services for developers, and as such, it expects its users to know a thing or two about tweaking the WordPress code.

With that in mind, if you know what you are doing, you can tweak the code manually and make your website any way you want it to be. Closte’s servers run on Litespeed, which speeds up the website and improves the performance of your WordPress. And, since you are still using a Google Cloud Hosting, you get to choose from its 18 server locations for hosting your website.

And, of course, the speed is even further improved thanks to a built-in CDN, that loads files from your site from the server that’s the closest to your visitor. However, we should stress that the platform is built for WordPress and WordPress alone. There are no other hosting services, so if you were looking for some other solution, you wouldn’t find it here.


Cloudways Google Cloud WordPress Hosting


  • Flexible prices that include the resources you use, such as bandwidth, disk space, IP addresses, virtual private servers, and more.
  • Free migrations included
  • Expert support available 24/7 to help you with any problem you may have
  • Allows you to host your site on 5 different cloud platforms, including Google Cloud Hosting


  • A bit more expensive than Kinsta

Cloudways is a relatively new service, but its high-quality solutions quickly allowed it to rise to the top and become one of the most popular services. It has been a number one choice for a lot of people, including regular bloggers, but also business owners. It is powerful, fast, scalable, and offers the best that Google Cloud managed solutions have to offer.

Best of all, it allows you to choose additional cloud platforms whose resources and power you may wish to harness, and all of that without even knowing how to code. All of it is achievable through a fairly simple server setup, which you use for deploying your WordPress site.

However, unlike Closte, this one offers a lot more than just WordPress hosting. It also features managed cloud hosting on different platforms, and at the same time, they offer a professional support service that is available at all times.


With that, we would end our list of the best Google Cloud WordPress Hosting solutions out there.

Hopefully, one of these will fit your needs, and you will be able to launch or migrate your site and have it be as best as it can. With Google Cloud management, you can rest easy, knowing that your website will perform at its best at all times and that experts are ensuring that everything runs smoothly 24/7.

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