When you are making a WordPress website, one of the most annoying problems is finding a good WP theme. You need a theme that is light and simple, but it also needs to look good, have fast loading times, and have a competent team that will provide regular updates, behind it.

At first glance, this all seems impossible, right? Our internet experiences have taught us that some things need to be sacrificed in order to receive benefits in other areas.

Well, while this is an unfortunate truth most of the time, there are some instances when you get lucky enough to catch a break and find a solution that fits perfectly. Reco is one such lucky break, and before you start expressing skepticism — let us explain why.

Reco WP Theme review homepage layout
One of the 7 homepage layout available

About Reco WP Theme

Let’s start our theme review by saying that Reco is a minimalist WordPress theme. Reco by EstudioPatagon offers much of what you would expect from highly expensive themes, while Reco itself comes pretty cheap, considering what it offers and does.

It is one of the best options when it comes to digital freebies, magazines, mockups, blogs, and many other types of websites.

Some of the things that make Reco such a great choice are the fact that it is extremely light, which means that it will not slow down your site. It was also designed to use a number of techniques, which make it score quite highly on Google. As a result, you will get more traffic simply by using it.

WordPress theme Reco is very light and optimised for SEO

It has a great code quality, and it is SEO-friendly. On top of it all, it is highly customizable, user-friendly, and it comes with numerous other features.

Reco was created a little over a year ago, on October 18th, 2018. It started gaining popularity very quickly, and it soon became one of the most popular minimal WordPress themes out there. It is also extremely responsive, with high resolution and 9 customs widgets.

What Features does Reco Offer?

As mentioned, Reco has a long list of various features that are available to users. We have already listed some of them, such as the fact that this is a very minimal WordPress theme, which makes it very light. At the same time, it is also very modern and professional-looking.

It is also constantly updated, which is important in order to avoid security issues, as well as bugs that could cause malfunction or other difficulties. Reco WordPress theme is available in multiple languages, including English, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, and French. As such, it should be useful to users around the world, and particularly in Europe and the Americas.

Reco UI

Its code is minified and optimized; it has dedicated advertising sections, it added icons to its menu, as well as unlimited sticky sidebars for posts.

With Reco you can customise as many sidebars as you like
Reco WP theme supports multiple sticky sidebars

In fact, there is a number of newly added features that make it not only easy to use but also quite enjoyable. Some additions include Lazy Load for lists, embed, and post content. Next, it was built with SCSS, as well as pre-compiled with Prepos 6, which is compatible with Mac and Windows alike.

Optimization features

Finally, it includes RTL, and it allows users to save up to $30 thanks to the ACF pro bundle. In other words, this minimalist WordPress theme has it all, and it is constantly adding more.

Reco Unique Features

Reco WordPress theme offers some special, unique features.

For example, it is highly customizable, which allows users to be in full control of their website’s design. You can choose the layouts, sizes, colors, styles, and alike, and create a perfect website, while the theme will not limit them in any way. Building the website is now as simple as it can be, thanks to features such as drag-and-drop.

With the theme for WordPress Reco is very easy to customise your website

Reco WP theme is also fully responsive, and it fits all screen sizes and even all devices. This is very useful for those who wish their websites to be equally well-organized on mobile and desktop screens alike, as well as on anything in between.

Reco Customer Support

Customer support page
Reco features an extensive documentation section and excellent customer support

As mentioned, Reco also has amazing support.

In fact, it features extensive, detailed guides, documents, and even narrated video tutorials.

It even has a customer support team that is extremely competent, very friendly, and can solve pretty much any issue you could ever have with the theme. Hardly ever you will find a customer support team as efficient as Reco support.

Social Share/Social Follow

Social Share and Follow integration is something that every theme designed to be used on magazine or blog types of websites needs to have. That way, they can easily be shared throughout various social media networks, which increases the number of viewers and readers, which is how these websites gain traffic.

Naturally, Reco does a masterful job in this area as well, including Instagram feed integration, but also things like Contact Form support, and even a MailChimp newsletter subscription.

Reco review
Some of the social account supported by Reco WordPress

Of course, creating engaging and interesting content is up to the website’s owner, and no amount of features can help a website become successful if that crucial aspect is not accounted for.

However, if you have that covered, Reco will help you do everything else, and make your website easy to share.


Reco is one of the best minimalist WordPress themes that you will find on the market. It is perfect for any blog, magazine, or news outlet type of website, with countless invaluable features that will make your site easy to share, and enjoyable to use.

The theme itself is very easy to integrate and operate, but it is also backed by a highly competent team of developers, who have created detailed guides, and who provide excellent customer support around the clock. Not only that, but they are constantly creating new updates and adding new features, which are making Reco better with each new patch.

RECO offers better loading performance than other similar themes, it scored high on SEO, and it has a very responsive design, which improves user experience significantly.

All in all, the theme is designed quite brilliantly, which allows it to offer all the features that we have listed above, while it still manages to remain very lightweight and fast. We could not find a single negative customer review about it, which is proof enough of how good this WordPress theme is.

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