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WordPress Development Services

Our company is dedicated to developing WordPress projects that deliver a great user experience. For as long as we have been a company, our mission has always remained the same: to build powerful digital solutions and an enjoyable user experience with WordPress development services.

Custom Development

We offer exceptional WordPress development services that result in powerful and unique websites with high conversion rates in order to increase your online presence.

Continuous Communication

We at Template Tester highly value your ideas and input; that is why we assign one of our project managers to keep you up-to-date with every detail of the project.

Experienced Team

Our team of WordPress developers have the expertise and resources needed to fulfill all your needs no matter the complexity of the project.

Custom wordpress website made for you

Let Template Tester help you build a website that is modern, mobile-friendly, and integrates seamlessly into your existing systems. We are well equipped with experts that excel in WordPress Design and Development and will go above and beyond to present only the best to our clients.


We pride ourselves on building long-lasting partnerships through deep expertise combined with efficient project management. This process ensures stability as well as innovation – giving clients not only beautiful websites but also peace of mind, knowing they’re getting professional WordPress development services at every turn!

Our developers discussing ideas before developing our clients' WordPress website

Custom WordPress Services

WordPress eCommerce

WordPress eCommerce

To build an eCommerce solution tailored around your business, we work closely with you and make the effort to understand every step of your buyer's journey. We also learn your customer's expectations in every stage of their buying process and we make sure you are best positioned, whether it’s through email marketing campaigns or website offers on sale pages.

WordPress Migration

WordPress Migration

WordPress is the most popular content management system in use, but migrating from one to another can be daunting. That's where we come into play! Our team at Template Tester will take care of your site without any data loss or leaks while making sure that downtime doesn’t arise during this process - just let us know how many copies of each file you want to be written over so there are no surprises for either party involved.

WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress Plugin Development

Do you need to develop a plugin for your website? You're not alone! WordPress is one of the most popular platforms and has an excellent community. We have years of experience in developing custom plugins from scratch that will fulfill any unique needs, backed by great support at every step along the way.

WordPress Security

WordPress Security

You may think you are secure, but the truth is your website could be at risk. With our WordPress security services, we can make sure that it's not just a matter of time before an attacker finds their way inside and takes control over everything on-site - including customers' personal information!

WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is perfect for any business that wants to focus on their websites and not spend hours juggling IT tasks like backing up or updating software. With managed services from our team of experts, you'll enjoy all these benefits without lifting a finger! Our WordPress services also include 24/7 technical support so your site stays running smoothly at its peak performance levels.

WordPress Conversion

WordPress Conversion

Our WordPress conversion service offers a seamless transition from one platform to another, preserving all of your website's data, functionality, and UI. Using the best technologies, we ensure our clients get responsive, pixel-perfect, and functional websites after conversion. We successfully convert from different sources such as: HTML, Joomla, Adobe XD, PSD, Figma, Sketch, Wix etc. to fully operational WordPress websites.

Read What Our Customers Say

"Template Tester was ready to go the extra mile for us from the very beginning of our partnership. Their team of amazing developers worked with a lot of passion and attention to detail to bring our website to life. We have been nothing but pleased with their WordPress development services."

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How much time does it take to build a new website?
At Template Tester, we believe in quality work. However, depending on your specific requirements and the nature of your business this timeline may need to adjust slightly!
Once I launch my website, what kind of services can I expect?

After having developed your WordPress website, we will provide maintenance and regular updates to enhance your website's performance and adapt it to the latest technology trends.

Can you provide custom WordPress development services to my projects for my existing website?

Template Tester offers WordPress development services to your existing projects too. Whether you want to revamp your old website or convert it from another platform to WordPress, our developers are always willing to guide you through each step of the process.

Will I receive a report for the work that has been done on my website?
We want to make sure you know what's going on with your project, so our Project Managers will provide daily reports. If it gets too difficult or time-consuming we can also offer weekly and monthly ones!

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