The look of your website is essential, no doubt about it. However, as you build your website from scratch, you may realize that web design is not your cup of tea. No worries, a WordPress template is what you need to make your life easy and give your website a stunning look.

Have you ever walked through a model home just because it was beautiful, and you wanted to see it up close? Have you ever wanted to test drive a car, for no reason other than for the way it looked? Possibly, in both of these cases, it was their clean, crisp, inviting appearances that drew you in. As you passed by them, you wanted to stop, stare, and explore.

Well, no doubt, when you envision the webpages of your website, you want visitors to do the same thing with your webpage. To pause at your website’s appealing look and then be drawn to explore further because they are entranced by its smart, dazzling, and informative design.

How do you get this type of result for your webpage? A key ingredient to help you reach this goal is choosing the right WordPress theme.

In this article, we’ll help you find the WP theme that’s best for your website.

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What Is a WordPress Theme? 

A WordPress theme is made up of the templates and stylesheets that are selected to create the appearance and display of a WordPress powered website.

They can be adjusted, controlled, and enhanced by the administrator. Themes can be altered and updated by adding plugins or by adding code.

Using a WordPress theme, even inexperienced users can build professional websites just adding contents, pictures, and features to a framework that a web designer has created.

All you need is to learn how to use the WordPress themes of your choice and play with the different settings that come with it.

Many free options are available and there are also several WP Themes that can be purchased. 

When you create your new website, you must decide on the design, layout, and features that you want to use, depending on how you envision your website.

It is helpful to keep in mind that some WP themes are specifically designed for particular types of websites. For instance, you may find WordPress templates for photographers, bloggers, corporations, churches, news, and so on. And that can be useful for you as you sort through your options.

Which WP Theme Should You Choose?

Some people consider trying to find the right WordPress theme as difficult as the proverbial saying of: “trying to find a needle in a haystack.” They feel this way because there are literally more than 10,000 WordPress themes available.

Yeah! If you were to look at a different theme every minute and not sleep, it would take you a whole week to look at them all. Then, you’d have to try to remember what you saw and what you liked. And, this figure only stays true if there aren’t any new themes created during your search. (And there are constantly new themes being created!)

Fortunately, we have narrowed down the selection and have organized for you some of the options that are the most popular and well-reported on multi-purpose WordPress themes available.

This way, you can spend your time creating your web page and not simply scanning an endless variety of theme options that are nearly impossible to keep track of. 

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Hestia best WordPress themes

Hestia is among the highest-ranked most popular WordPress themes. This theme has been reported to be downloaded some 1,000 to 2,000 times per day. Additionally, the theme has received many 5-star reviews.

It is a competent and current WordPress theme. Whether self-employed or a small to a large company, Hestia has been used by them all. Hestia has a multi-purpose theme for businesses. It offers both a free version and a premium option. Hestia is used for both magazine and blog websites. 

If you intend to have an online store, Hestia plays well with WooCommerce. Thus, it can be used to design your online store. It also easily cooperates and combines with all major page builders.

It is SEO friendly and translation ready. It also integrates with the Live WordPress theme customizer which means that you can customize a theme’s fonts, text, colors, and pretty much anything else you want to change and see a live preview of what the changes look like on the same screen.

Read the Hestia theme review.Download Hestia


Avada best WP themes

Avada is certainly not an underachiever in our consideration of the best WordPress themes. Rather, it holds the position of being the #1 selling premium WordPress theme of all-time

It is the earliest multi-purpose WordPress theme. It makes available more than 255 prepared in advance web page designs and over 40 prepared in advance fully-featured websites.

To Avada, an issue of paramount importance is fast productivity. The Avada WordPress theme was designed with the primary purpose of having you produce your site quickly. Even its demo installer allows for an incredibly easy method to install prepared in advance content.

To help you build your site as you have envisioned, they make a drag & drop builder with thousands of options to choose from. Avada harmonizes with all premium WordPress themes with ease. It also works well with WooCommerce which makes having an online shop easy.Download Avada


OceanWP theme

OceanWP is a WordPress theme company that is smart and sophisticated. It is one of the fastest-growing WordPress themes with over 1.5 million downloads. It offers free creative theme demos which can be used to design all types of websites—from a restaurant to an online store and everything in between. It is completely customizable and fully responsive for mobile and tablet screens

Its multipurpose layouts are optimized for speed performance and SEO, which is entirely built-in. OceanWP’s theme demos are all eCommerce ready and integrate easily with WooCommerce. Further, it seamlessly combines with the most popular WordPress services.

Also impressive is that OceanWP supports RTL languages so you can produce a multilingual website.

Another incentive for using OceanWP is that its demo themes are free. Or, if you choose to purchase one of the premium extension packages built specifically for OceanWP, then many more powerful features can be added to your theme to customize how your online business functions.

The premium extensions offer a 14-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied. No questions asked.Download OceanWP


Ultra WordPress Themes

Another compelling option is Ultra. It is a powerful and versatile WordPress theme created by Themify. It is possible to create any type of website quickly using its effective drag and drop function. With just one simple click, its demo setup can be imported which makes available various theme settings, menus, widgets, and content.

This enables a new website to be initiated quickly and with no hassle. Immediately, you will see that several layouts, headers, and page styles are available.

Additionally, you can choose from a selection of 60 fully prepared pre-designed layouts that have been professionally designed. This can be a real time-saver. All you need to do is import the layout and edit the content and you’re done.

Ultra gives you full control to customize, either site-wide or per individual page. You can opt to have the same look for your entire site, or you can choose to create a unique look for every page. It’s up to you.

WooCommerce integration is easy to do with Ultra. It enables you to match your shop with the overall theme appearance which makes for a seamless eCommerce experience. It is also specifically coded for search engine optimization and there are over 600 Google Web Fonts that are available for font styling.

The Ultra WordPress theme is available for a one-time fee of $59 which includes 12 Builder addons. It can be used on unlimited sites and has a 30-day refund option if you aren’t happy.Download Ultra


Storefront WP theme by WooCommerce

If you are planning on building an online shop, then Storefront is a WordPress theme that you should consider. E-commerce is its focus and it is the official WooCommerce theme for WordPress.

In fact, it was created by the same developers as WooCommerce with the purpose of integrating quickly and seamlessly with the popular WooCommerce plugin. It is a simple, yet impressive theme which provides a high-quality foundation for an online shop

Storefront is entirely responsive and will adjust and conform to any size screen. With mobile devices, an easy secondary menu is visible at the bottom of the screen. This permits visitors to control their accounts, search products, and checkout at any time.

There are sufficient customizable options with Storefront to make your site unique, though, there are fewer options than with other themes.

The Storefront theme is free at the directory. Should you decide that you want a more distinctive style, investing in a premium child theme for Storefront, which is a WordPress sub-theme, is an option also.Download Storefront


artisan wp themes

If ease of use and speed are the most important factors for you in your WordPress theme search, then Artisan definitely deserves your attention.

They don’t have the number of options and selections as the other WordPress theme sites we have discussed. However, in the time it has taken you to read this paragraph, it’s possible you could have created a theme for your webpage using one of Artisan WP themes.

With Artisan, each theme comes with a number of ready-made sites. These are pre-made site designs that you can pick from, intended for a particular niche or purpose such as a blog, an agency, a business, a shop, or something similar.

These ready-made sites install in a single click from the WordPress dashboard. Your site can thus be operating in literally just a few minutes.

Artisan prides itself in being the small and cozy theme shop and in having an artistic, craftsman-like approach to handcrafting every theme. It also offers a way to build complex layouts quickly without needing to have any coding skills using its modules functionality.

It is designed to integrate with WooCommerce, is mobile optimized for all devices and ready for translation with just a few clicks. 

Artisan theme packages start at $129 and offer a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t happy with your purchase.Download Artisan

Which WordPress Theme Will You Choose?

Choosing and creating a theme for your website is more than simply how it looks. Although, that is an important aspect. It’s also about how the user will feel as they navigate through your site.

A site that makes the visitor feel happy, relaxed, and informed is your goal.

Creating your website quickly, easily, and with limited cost to you is the goal of the WordPress themes we have put forth in this review.

When selecting a theme, you have two options:

  • installation of a free WordPress theme
  • installing a premium WordPress theme.

Free is always an appealing option, especially when creating a website with limited funds.

How Much a WordPress Theme Cost

Premium WordPress themes will cost you anywhere from $30 to $129 on average. Considerably more if you desire elaborate plugins and additions.

Of course, with such costs, you receive support teams, additional options to add custom features, regular updates, better security, and more specific functionality.


Whether you choose a free option or select an option that costs money, you should keep in mind the features that are most important to you.

We hope you take a look at the WordPress theme shops we have highlighted in this review. We are confident that they can help you create an attractive and inviting website that you desire and that your website visitors will love. 

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