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Design is the process of transforming ideas into something beautiful. With our graphic design services, you will get only tried-and-true creative methods that capture your thoughts in the best way possible so that you can take on any design challenge with ease! With our dedicated team and an ever-expanding library from which to choose, there’s no better time than now for making magic happen right at home.

Our graphic designers working at our WordPress agency

What Do You Need to Have Designed?​

UX and Web Design

We are a team of professionals, passionate about UX and Web Design. Through our graphic design services, we create seamless and responsive websites that rank you higher on search engines like Google for the best user experience!

Logo Design
Our designers know how to create a logo that will give you the best chance of attracting customers. Our work focuses on design and consistency, so our clients can use their branding effectively in any medium or market they choose!
Brand profile

After conducting a thorough brand audit we understand your industry and the message you want to convey through your brand. This research helps us maximize our creativity in building an outstanding and unique brand profile for your business.

Custom website redesigns

Template Tester provides custom design services that will make every business feel at home on the web. We offer many different options whether you require a simple or complicated website.

Why Choose Template Tester?

Fast Turnaround Time

We'll make your job easier and more fun. With our creative professionals on the team, you can get tasks completed within 1-2 business days!

Unlimited Revisions

Our graphic design services offer a client-centered approach that puts your needs on focus. That's why we are open to as many revisions as it takes to fully satisfy your request.

Professional Team

Our creative team is made of professional designers that are passionate in visualizing what you want to communicate to your audience.

Constant Communication

We understand the importance of communication in a partnership, this is why we keep you up-to-date throughout the process.

Read What Our Customers Say

"Template Tester was ready to go the extra mile for us from the very beginning of our partnership. We got to work with a team of amazing designers that deliver great designs in short amount of time. We have been nothing but pleased with their graphic design services."

Client testimonial


Why do I need graphic design services?

Graphic design services are essential in establishing brand identity and ensuring trust and loyalty of your costumers.

How much do you charge for your design services?

Our pricing depends on the complexity of the project and your business requirements. 

Will I be updated on the process?

Of course! We assign an account manager that will work closely with you in communicating every step of the process.

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