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Template Tester is the WordPress agency you have been looking for! Our team will help your business or personal and professional project come to life with our experience and creativity.

We can deliver fully integrated, customized websites on time & within budget – no matter how complex it gets.

Website Design Services

Boost your online presence with a custom website design from Template Tester. We research your industry and audience's needs and design the most suitable website for you.

Graphic Design Services

We have a team of professional designers that are skilled and passionate about turning your ideas into something beautiful.

WordPress Development Services

Our WordPress company has a well-equipped team of developers that are committed to delivering the latest, most innovative solutions to make your website stand out from its competitors.

SEO Services

Besides creating your website from scratch and giving it a unique look we also make sure your website is fully optimized and ranks well on search engines.

Costum WordPress Website

Are you in the early stages of building your website? Are you in need of a professional design and development team to help you build or improve your site? Template Tester is the WordPress agency you need! We take pride in our work which provides developing your website from scratch and optimizing it for search engines.


Our mission as a WordPress company is to keep your business goals at heart through each step of the process with all aspects analyzed and looked into during consultation sessions so no stone goes unturned when building your website!


If your site has been live for several years though? Don’t fret just yet-we have experts who can make any expectations come true with their web design skillsets; whether they’re focused around eCommerce or lead generation traffic alone! 


Let us handle this task at hand today by calling our team now!

Team Collaboration in our WordPress Agency

Why Choose Our WordPress Agency?

We Build Your Branded Website

Your website is the face of your company. It needs to be clean and professional-looking so that customers can easily connect with what you do best, whether they’re shopping or purchasing. 

We design websites in all shapes and sizes for any purpose be it e-commerce sites, corporate identities, or non profit organizations. 

We Manage Your Website Regularly

Our WordPress company offers you the most comprehensive services. 

Our team of dedicated account managers, developers and designers will work with your budget to create an online presence that fits all needs with our custom WordPress development services.

We have flexible monthly packages that offer ongoing support and enhancements.

We SEO Optimize Your Website

Do you need a larger audience? Our SEO services are just what you need.

We’re experts in quickly deploying landing pages that perfectly complement and enhance existing marketing technology. 

With a focus on capturing leads, reducing bounce rates, and increasing contact time with potential customers!

Our Development Services for WordPress

Custom WordPress Website Development
Whether you are in creative industries or an eCommerce store, we can build custom WordPress websites for your business. We understand that each website’s needs may vary and so will be tailored accordingly to suit them perfectly! We have experience with every aspect of web design – from development through SEO optimization- all under one roof!
WordPress Theme Development & Customization

At our WordPress agency, we specialize in helping clients with WordPress theme development and customizations.
We help you keep your website mobile-friendly, while still providing the best possible user experience for desktop computers as well!

WordPress Plugin Development

We make sure the best WordPress plugins are developed by our team of passionate WordPress developers.
We ensure that each plugin is 100% secure and compliant with all industry standards, making it ideal for use on your web pages!

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