There are several WordPress page builders to choose from but finding the one that works best for you and that will easily do what you want it to do is a little more complicated. It’s like choosing a bicycle.

Finding a bike that adequately will take you from one place to another is relatively simple. However, finding a bike that is comfortable and fits you, is easy to use, and has the appearance that you like is something much different. This task is not quite as simple.

Using page builders for WordPress is similar. Sure, finding a visual page builder that will construct your page is easy. There are SO many options. However, finding a WordPress page builder that is comfortable and easy to use, that will also create the website appearance you want—well—that is more difficult to find. 

Also important is finding the best page builder for WordPress with a drag and drop feature. Much like finding a bike with easy steering, finding a WordPress page builder with easy drag and drop functionality requires a little more searching.

Unless you are a web developer, making significant adjustments to a website can be difficult. That is, unless you are using a WordPress page builder with a drag and drop function. It really is as simple as clicking and “dragging” the feature you want, moving it to the location on the page where you want it and “dropping” it there. 

So then, who are among the leading WordPress website builders? Let’s take a closer look at who they are and what they offer. Then, you can decide which is the top choice for you.

5 WordPress Page Builders That Will Not Disappoint You

Beaver Builder 

beaverbuilder logo

The WordPress page builder, Beaver Builder, consistently ranks very high, if not the highest, by many website building analysts. A primary reason for this is the ease of which this builder allows you to build and design a website even if you have no coding skills. Basically, it’s known as the easiest, user-friendly page builder.

And if you have any difficulties using it, the onboarding tour that is built-in can assist you in quickly becoming familiar with the interface. 

There is an impressive number of attractive Beaver Builder themes that you simply add text to, replace images, and then publish. Using its extensive collection of layouts that are prebuilt, it takes little time to quickly build a page.

It also harmonizes well with the majority of WordPress themes, thus allowing total control over the content. What type of content? Beaver Builder has modules that allow the addition of sliders, content blocks, carousels, and buttons.

An additional perk is that if you were to choose to stop using the Beaver Builder plugin, the content you have created will still be associated with the WordPress editor. 

How much for this high-quality page builder, you ask? It starts at $99 for unlimited sites. 

Beaver WordPress Page Builder Prices

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Divi WordPress Website Builder

Our next drag and drop WordPress page builder plugin to consider is Divi. This page builder supports the ability to edit your page with a real-time preview of the added content. In other words, it is not necessary to save and then preview your adjustments. 

Divi provides 46 modules of content that can be dragged and dropped throughout the layout of the page. They can be organized into 3 types of sections and 20 types of rows

Page layouts can be customized in only a few minutes and then used at that time or saved for use at a later time. Layouts from one Divi installation can also be exported to another.

Additionally, the Divi Builder plugin is a team player and integrates well with all WordPress themes. Of course, the Divi Builder plugin ties in perfectly with the Divi theme, but you are not restricted to using only the Divi theme. 

For the price of $89 a year, you receive the Divi page builder plugin, the Divi theme, as well as all Elegant Themes products. Thus, you have the option of using the Divi theme or you can use another theme with the installed Divi builder plugin. 

Divi Price List


WordPress Page Builder Elementor

Our third choice to examine is Elementor, a WordPress website builder with a fine reputation for being very quick with its performances. Obviously, for many people, speed is considered very important. 

Given that we’ve mentioned Divi first and now we’re also mentioning Elementor, we would also like to point out the following review of the two. This is a detailed comparison of the page two page builder products, that compares all of the details, going into depth about all of the different features, functions, prices, and everything else you may need to know.

As one would expect, there are different plus points to the two plugins and they typically work well for different types of users. For example, designers who are not too comfortable with code typically favour Divi, thanks to its attractive price point and included theme.

Elementor is favoured by developers who already have a theme they prefer to work with, because they just need to add the page builder functionality.

Elementor’s value is further enhanced by the template library it possesses, which is vast. Additionally, these high-quality templates can be exported to websites by means of the page builder.

Plus, widgets! Whether basic text and images or complicated sliders, accordions, tabs, etc. Elementor provides a bottomless number of widgets.

Not to be overlooked is that Elementor has a responsive mobile-friendly design. Therefore, you can create a web page that will look magnificent with any device. 

Speaking of how the page will appear, Elementor is also a live page builder plugin. Again, no need to save and preview. As you make your edits, you will see immediately how they will appear after you make the adjustments. 

How much will this speed and the abundant number of templates and widgets cost you? Pricing begins at $49 for a single site license.  

Elemento pricing best WordPress Page Builder

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Web Page builder for WordPress Themify

Uncomplicated and straight forward is the way to describe the Themify page builder for WordPress. Themify is known for having the best front-end editor. It is another drag and drop interface which has a built-in Themify builder for all of the WordPress themes they provide. If you choose a non-Themify WordPress theme, there is no need to worry. The Themify Page Builder plugin can assist in harmonizing these products. 

The plugin contains more than 40 already designed layouts. These layouts can be imported with a single click, content can be quickly added or modified, and a fabulous landing page can be created, all within minutes.

As with our other mentioned page builders, Themify too has live editing. This page builder also works well with all third-party WordPress themes and add-ons can be purchased to amplify the abilities of the page builder.

The core plugin for Themify is free, which is always a great price, but the Builder Addon bundle has a cost of $39—which is still a pretty good deal.


Site Origin Website Builder for WordPress

Last, but certainly not least, is SiteOrigin. It is without a doubt an extremely popular WP page builder with installs that exceed one million.

Why have so many individuals chosen SiteOrigin? Is it the greatest page builder in the known universe? Well, I definitely haven’t talked to the one million individuals that have chosen to install it to know for sure their reason in choosing it. If I had to guess, though, I think the fact that it’s free has a lot to do with it. Yes, it is a fully functional free plugin. 

To be fair, it has many more positive aspects in addition to simply being free. However, being free definitely doesn’t hurt its popularity. 

To name a couple of it’s more appealing qualities, let’s mention widgets! SiteOrigin has a number of its own widgets and also all other widgets can be downloaded and installed on it.

A very convenient tool available with this plugin is its history tool. Yep, if you make any adjustments that you hate, or simply change your mind about, you can quickly and easily revert your page to what it was before using the history feature.

It also works smoothly with all WordPress themes, and conforms to all devices, no matter the screen resolution. SiteOrigin has many good strengths. 

We should mention, though, that although free (a great and powerful incentive) and although having many valuable tools, SiteOrigin does have a reputation for being slightly complicated to use. It has not been described as the easiest page builder to learn how to use and maneuver. So, if free is what you are looking for, SiteOrigin is your best option.

The Page Builder for WordPress for You 

These are the five top-rated, beginner-friendly WordPress page builders. They will allow you to create and customize your website on your own without needing to hire a website developer. And all of these page builders discussed above are completely SEO friendly when they are combined with the Yoast SEO plugin. This ensures that the layouts that you create using the page builder of your choice will help, and not hurt, your SEO efforts. 

Deciding which WP page builder is best for you will depend much on what your personal strengths and weaknesses are and how much you want to spend. The most uncomplicated and straightforward WordPress page builder is Beaver Builder. It might be the best choice for a first-time page builder, but it comes with a higher price tag. SiteOrigin is the best free option available but isn’t the easiest for a beginner. 

Each of the page builders we have commented on in this article have areas where they excel and where they could improve. We hope that our observations will aid you in finding the right page builder for you that helps you design your webpage to have the appearance that you want and that it does so easily and comfortably. 

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