Sometimes, generating of ideas turns to be a demanding process. Beating around the bush kills inspiration and time, causing disappointment. It can be hard to find web design ideas that fit the style and purposes of the project.

Fortunately, we have already surfed the Internet and reviewed all the best sources for you. If you still keep reading, you have already faced such difficulties. So, this article will bring you relief in dealing with inspiration. 

  • How to make the working process easier and faster?
  • What are the latest trends in web design?

In this article, you will find answers to these questions and get essential ideas and motivation.

Webdesign Inspiration

Webdesign Inspiration

    This source is the first in our list since here you can pick up best web design ideas. In this impressive catalog of images, you can search for sites using various filters: by type, industry, style, and even color.

It will help you to boost your creativity and improve a website with new ideas for the visualization of the product. Webdesign Inspiration can kindle your creative fire and help you to reveal the secret of successful graphic designers’, illustrators’, and art directors’ careers.



Site123 is a website builder designed for all users to create a website with no experience or coding. It is simple to choose from the array of templates to make your own look. Even if you are not a pro, it will look professional.

It is suitable for users who don’t have the time to spend days in arranging elements on their website and those who don’t want to hire a professional to develop their site. It is easy as 1-2-3. Just try!

Find out pros and cons of Site123…


Wondering how to create a website without having to know a line of code? We found a perfect tool for you.

It has easy to use editor and the highest public recommendation of any website builder. Wix is suitable for anything from personal online portfolios to small business websites.

One of the best drag-and-drop website builders nowadays. You can view professional and beautiful website examples that are created by Wix as well as explore the designer showcase. Get inspired today.

Read our review of Wix website builder…

CSS Zen Garden

CSS Zen Garden Web Design Ideas

    This site is being beloved by professionals for a long time. Quite popular and constantly changing Zen Garden gives us significant reasons to love it.

This is a unique place where you can harvest juicy fruits without planting by viewing the designs and submissions in-progress – works, that were published before the final cut.

In case your HTML is fine, and only your CSS needs a little TLC, this site will help you a lot. Zen Garden aims to excite and encourage its users by providing complete control of the creating of websites’ styles.

Best Website Gallery

Best Website Gallery

    Curated by David Hellmann, Best Website Gallery was created to let designers push the boundaries of imagination. The creator writes: “For me, it’s simply my visual bookmark collection. For you, it’s maybe a source of inspiration for new projects or something else”.

Here you can use such filters as colors, CMS, style, and framework to find great web design ideas. This website saves your time because of the possibility to have a detail view for each site without going through the pages by yourself. Enjoy!

Commerce Cream

Commerce Cream

Collected and highlighted the most beautiful e-commerce design inspiration.  

Calm, elegant, modern design and unique conception make Commerce Cream a competitive source of motivation. What is the most attractive here, is the list of best design patterns to help inspire designers and developers to create brilliant new things.

Commerce Cream features the best work built on Shopify and always pleases readers with the new interviews. You can also find an agency behind the web design you like and view other portfolio work. It calls you to learn and inspire even more. Have some doubts? You can check it by yourself. 

Unmatched Style

Unmatched Style

One more clear and simple constantly growing community of trends in the web design world. Unmatched Style mission is to foster constructive design criticism as well as provide readers with fresh web design ideas, insights into how people work.

This is not just a CSS design gallery but a place where you can find high-quality discussions, interviews and articles and events. What is more, the platform has a weekly collection of industry radar stuff.

Line 25


Run by web designer Chris Spooner, this site is for experienced specialists and students, for general users of Adobe Photoshop and web coding applications, for people from all over the world who have an interest in becoming better and growing as professionals.

At Line 25 you can see web design for school projects, marvelous ideas for dentists and even examples of bad website design you should avoid. Line 25 incorporates articles on various thematics, for example, free photoshop mockups for logo designers, places to find the best font, and (this one is my favorite) free downloads for broke designers. 

Web Design Ledger

Web Design Ledger

    One more clear and simple site to collect and refine your ideas. Thinking of using illustrations in your design? Look no further than Web Design Ledger, which has galleries on each of those topics. If you’re trying to take your game a higher level, start with their general ‘Best of Web Design in 2019’ roundup.



    Lapa.Ninja is a free amazing illustrations library for your projects. Created by Tinh Nguyen, the platform was created to motivate and encourage designers to improve their skills.

More than 35 categories can be filtered for landing pages, colors, and resources for learning design. Also, the resource provides free ebooks on various topics to develop the creative skills of its readers (how to get started with design systems, animation handbook, how to get inside your customer mind). Isn’t it incredible? So you just need to visit the site to catch your idea for web design. 

Final take

The process of coming up with a website design idea requires time and effort. When your inspiration source runs dry it can be really difficult to create something unique. But having a list of such amazing sources will help to find enthusiasm.

So now you know some useful tools and resources which can help you to prevent the art block and start to build your genius product. Obviously, there are plenty of other beneficial projects and web sites we haven’t mentioned but want to hear from you! Which one gets are you going creatively? 

Have you ever used one of these websites before? Please, let us know in the comments below!

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