Despite the fact that Bluehost stands as one of the most popular hosting providers around the world — powering over 2 million websites — it is not necessarily a perfect service for everyone. Recently, we have covered how to cancel Bluehost, but today, we would like to focus on the specific topic of Bluehost refund.

As you probably know, Bluehost offers a money-return guarantee as all the best hosting providers do. This means that you can get a refund on Bluehost if you decide that the service is not satisfying your needs.

However, while getting a Bluehost refund is possible, here are some basic requirements that you have to meet in order to get your money back.

Hosting Providers Alternatives

A2Hosting Alternative Bluehost
  • Amazing Speed

  • 99.9% Uptime

  • Minimum 100GB

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

  • 24/7 Support

  • Free Migration

  • Free SSL Certificate

  • 30-days Money Back

  • Excellent Speed

  • Great Uptime

  • Max. 50GB Storage

  • Max 500GB Bandwidth

  • Great 24/7 Support

  • Free Migration

  • Free SSL and SSH

  • 60-days Money Back

  • Good Speed

  • Good Uptime

  • Unlimited Storage

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

  • 24/7 Support

  • Free Migration

  • Free SSL Certificate

  • 45-day Money Back

How to Get a Bluehost Refund?

As mentioned, Bluehost is one of the companies that are willing to provide you with a refund if you end up not liking their service. This also makes Bluehost a great hosting provider to try out, as you can change your mind and cancel your subscription at any time.

If you decide to do so, however, you should understand the Bluehost refund policy. You can only get a refund if you ask for it within the first 30 days from the moment you had originally subscribed.

Bluehost refund policy

This shows that Bluehost is confident that you WILL be satisfied with their service, and they will provide you with an entire month’s worth of opportunities to ensure this.

If you do decide to ask for a refund, here are a few things that you should know:

  1. You can get a full refund if you request it within the first 30 days.
  2. You can get a prorated refund if you request it after this period.
  3. The money-back guarantee applies to all hosting plans on Bluehost
  4. The money-back guarantee doesn’t apply to renewals
  5. You will not receive a refund for the additional fees that you may have to pay while using Bluehost’s services, such as domain fees and alike.

With that in mind, let’s talk about how you can get your refund. The process is rather simple, although it may last for some time, depending on how you paid for your subscription.

First of all, you should know that, in order to request your Bluehost refund, you need to contact Bluehost customer service through;

  1. the live-chat on the Bluehost official website
  2. or calling the customer service at 888-401-4678

IMPORTANT: Prior to apply for the Bluehost refund, you should ensure that you have retrieved all of the important data that you may have associated with your account.

After this is done, Bluehost will send your money back through the same payment channel that you used to pay for your subscription in the first place.

As you may know, you can pay for your subscription via credit card or PayPal.

Bluehost Refund by Credit Card

Bluehost refund by Credit Card

Provided that you can get a refund, and you have made your payment via credit card, Bluehost will process your refund automatically right away or during the next business day from the moment you had requested the cancellation of your account.

From that moment forward, it no longer depends on Bluehost when your funds will be returned to you, but on the financial institution that you use.

The process of returning your money can take up to 10 business days. If you notice that your funds are not back by that time, Bluehost recommends contacting your bank or financial institution and requesting an update on the transaction. It is possible that they are holding your funds for you without returning them to your account automatically.

As part of Bluehost’s service, the hosting provider will send all of the funds back via the same payment channel that they originally used to arrive at the service.

This might result in complications if you paid with your credit card, which was closed in the meantime. Bluehost is required to try and send the funds to the same account regardless of what has happened to it in the meantime, which will ensure that the financial service receives the money.

However, Bluehost cannot decide what the financial service might do with the money. One of three scenarios is likely to happen:

  1. They might forward your funds to your new account if you have one with them
  2. They might place the funds on hold and wait for you to contact them
  3. They might reject the refund and return it to Bluehost. if this happens, Bluehost will provide you with a check with the exact amount you were supposed to receive from the service.

Refund by PayPal

 Refund by PayPal

Getting a refund by PayPal is significantly faster and easier.

It is only possible if you have paid for your subscription via PayPal in the first place.

If this requirement is met, Bluehost will send the funds back to your PayPal account, and they should appear in your PayPal wallet within 24 hours.

Limitations Regarding your Bluehost Refund

Of course, you should also be aware of certain rules and potential limitations that you may encounter while requesting your Bluehost refund. For example:

  • Bluehost’s money-back guarantee only applies to its web hosting, but not on domain names, SEO packages, SSL certificates and alike.
  • You have to pay domain name fee three days after registering, at the latest.
  • You are allowed to cancel service and request a refund at any time
  • If you request a refund during the first three days from the moment of registration, you can receive all of your money back, including a refund of fees
  • You are not eligible for a refund if your website breaches Bluehost’s terms or employs prohibited acts
  • You will not trigger a penalty or a hidden fee for ending your term before it expires

As you can see, there are not that many rules to keep in mind in regard to requesting your Bluehost refund.

However, you should still be aware of them in order to know when you can get your money back, and what might prevent you from doing so.


Learning how to get a refund from Bluehost is useful if you are having second thoughts about the service, or you plan to try it out but you want to ensure that you won’t get yourself locked into anything.

However, you need to decide whether the service has everything you need quickly, as you can only get a full refund without having to pay for a domain name during the first 3 days. After that, you have missed your chance to get all of your money back, and you can only get a portion of it, mainly your subscription money.

Even so, Bluehost expects that it won’t come to that, as it offers rather satisfying service, which is confirmed by over 2 million sites that it is covering.

Regardless, you should know your options, and hopefully, the Bluehost refund terms are clear to you now.

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